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Paul is currently using a Collings Orchestra Model OM1 guitar that has a top made from Engelmann Spruce and Mahogany back and sides.He has two pick-ups fitted, a k&k and a fishman rare earth(active) which are wired into a stereo end-pin jack so that they can be used seperately or together.He plugs into a combo guitar amp for equalising and monitoring, either an old Roland Jazz Chorus 55 or a new Headway SK120.He uses Elixir light gauge strings 12-53.

For those who were asking about the previous live sound, it was made using a Yamaha FG 365 SE given to him by the company in the early 1980's.He had been mixing the sounds of different pick ups on acoustic guitars since the mid 1970's.To the fitted bridge saddle pick up he added a magnetic pick up and blended the two together with an added on board switch.The magnetic pick-up was 'The guitar mike' made by Rowe de Armond in the 1940's or 50's and obtained from an old Gretsch.The flamenco guitar that Paul uses is made from spanish cypress by Antonio Sanchez in Valencia.It has a fishman pro blend pick up.